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Mac Users Please make sure that you complete this form using Adobe not Preview BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Which term are you requesting the change Add/Drop and Registration Form Year Summer Office of the Registrar One Bear Place 97068 Waco TX 76798 7068 Registrar baylor. Baylor. edu/universityadvisement/b4udrop required during W period only For your Academic Advisor s location please visit bearweb. edu Student Academic Serives Advising Advisor Conta...
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Music would it do what it do would it do welcome back to another episode of lockout men makes the call what's up everybody yo thank you for joining me I really do appreciate it and if you guys is this your first time here welcome welcome this video right here is this video series right here is for the new Jax that's ready to come into the industry and they want to know about these companies out here of course I am here to bring all that information to you of course I sent out a shout out in my community page asking everybody who they want me to call and a subscriber came up with Baylor trucking that's what we're gonna call today we're gonna find out a little bit of information about Baylor trucking to see if it's a right fit for you so let's get into it let's get into it unfortunately I can't find I can't find the actual website for Baylor I did find this one though but it's it's their recruiting page but they give you some information they says that they have ultra loft Peter Bilson Kenworth ten cities are ten cities piece it's 80s with APU refrigerator inverter and it's M and more dropping hood Freight for trailers for every one truck to keep you moving the pay is up to fifty five cent per mile based on verifiable over the road experience of course lease purchasing is available per diem packages available and it says trust us to treat you right well let's let's see if Baylor do treat their drivers right let's go into the just going to the reviews right here from Indy and the first five negative one family-owned heart to work for fleet manager took care to trucking dispatch of forty five trucks for the third-party account sometimes day night weekend not a good place to work if you're in - if you're in the family they say twelve was helpful hostile no rules being followed the pros of this company is driving the truck cons of this company is no leadership like up a Qualcomm constantly going off with idiot messages won't repair the trucks most trucks fail DLT inspections CSA score for the company is too high it's the last chance company this guy said he's glad he didn't stay with Baylor let's see if there's any good ones let's see but not everyone's cup of tea people's nice plenty of breaks I made four thousand a month if not more life was good still good to me reason why I left Baylor was due to the fact that I could I could more than double my money into oilfield I took that bein as always you got to take these reviews these myths bad reviews what a grain of salt because some of the drivers that that review the companies are disgruntled summon them drivers like to give them the fives or some of them are legit you know what I'm saying let's see what the CSA has to say about it alright so CSA they are let's see number of vehicles 215 number drivers 201 so they they still they they they consistent with their drivers in their...